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Show Description

The Finner and Clark Expedition (FaCE) is similar to the talk radio shows found on AM radio, only better. It has semi-cool musical intros and promos, great parity songs, funny occasional skirts, high reproduction values, tropical discussions of the issues of the day, serious interviews with various sexperts, and risible interviews with various non-experts.

Unlike conservative talk radio sows, however, The Finner and Clark Expedition is NOT focused on whining, complaining, and blaming others for the state of our personal lives, or the state of the universe. In addition, The Finner and Clark Expedition is NOT obsessed with liberals, gays, the flag, the pledge, embryonic stem smells, the U.N., undocumented aliens, actual aliens, missing white women, or the country of France.

Finner is a Democrat. Clark is a Republican.

Finner is a northerner. Clark is a southerner.

Finner is not religious. Clark is a Christian.

Finner has moved around the country. Clark has lived in Kentucky his whole life.

Finner was a Windows user for 25 years. Clark has used Apple machines just as long.

Finner is old. Clark is young.  (Well, that might be one of those, ‘exaggerations.’)

But they agree 95% of the time.

How is this possible?

They both grew up working on a farm.

They both put themselves through school.

They both have a great love and knowledge of music.

They both have a great interest and knowledge of technology.

And in 2007, Finner converted – to Mac.

But mostly, they agree 95% of the time because Finner and Clark are not “20%ers.” On the contrary, they both believe that it’s the 20% of people on the far right, and the 20% on the far left, that are ruining this country for the rest of us!

The Finner and Clark Expedition is ¼ politics, ¼ social issues, ¼ technology and the Internet, ¼ sports & popular culture, and ¼ science & education. All this fits in a one hour show through the magic of digital compression and a lot of fast-talking. You can learn more about Finner & Clark, and read their written work elsewhere on this web site.

You can listen to the Finner and Clark Expedition LIVE every Monday evening, 9-10 PM on Radio Fairfax.
In Northern Virginia : Cox Cable TV and Verizon Digital TV, Channel 37.
In Reston, Virginia : Comcast Cable TV, Channel 27.
Anywhere else in the world : http://www.radiofairfax.com or http://tunein.com (for mobile devices)